Caleb Byers

Land Specialist

About Caleb Byers


I have spent my entire life in south central Iowa, growing up on a farm in the small town of Murray, and presently living just outside of Chariton. I have my dad to thank for introducing me to the outdoors. Whether fishing, camping, mushroom hunting, or any type of hunting, I’ve always wanted to be apart of it from a very young age. From harvesting my first rabbit at 4 years old, to harvesting my biggest buck on film for Midwest Whitetail, there’s nothing I’m more passionate about. 
Like most, after graduating, I had no clue what career path I wanted to choose. But after finding myself spending hours at a time looking at properties online, and spending every waking second I can outdoors, it’s very easy to see that my calling was to become a land specialist. 
My wife and I were fortunate enough to purchase 114 acres of our own little slice of heaven in 2014, and I can honestly say, there’s no greater feeling than your own piece of dirt. Most investments seem like Monopoly money, because the money sits there and you don’t do anything with it for long periods of time. Where as land, you get to enjoy it the entire time of owning it, so to me there’s no greater investment. We can’t wait to share our same passion of the outdoors and conservation with our two kids, Huxley and Weslynn. There’s no greater way to learn a hard work ethic, than a day on the farm.
Let my years of experience living on a farm, and hunting knowledge help you buy or sell your next property!
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