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About Cody Bisher


Growing up in central Iowa and having family that hunted allowed me to experience so many outdoor adventures.  Whether it was shotgun hunting with grandpa’s group, pheasant hunting with dad, chasing cows with my uncle, running and gunning turkeys with my brother’s or just walking a creek; my feet were always in the dirt.  Respecting the land I walked was ingrained in me from day one when grandpa would say, “they don’t make anymore, treat it well”.  Fast forward over two decades and I’m carefully planting 100’s of red eastern cedars in the heat, drilling in native switchgrass, carving out new food plots or countless other things to improve my very own property I was fortunate enough to purchase with my brother Corey.

Becoming a landowner is so rewarding and something so many of us dream about.  Buying that new piece of property or selling a piece of property will always be exciting and can be scary at times.  There’s just so many little things to know and learn especially if it’s not something you do on a daily basis.  We all want to feel good about our sale or our purchase.  That excites me and that’s why I became a real estate agent with KILOTERRA.  I want all my clients to feel great about their sale or purchase, just like my brother and I did.  Helping others make their dreams become reality is rewarding on so many levels. The challenge of seeking out that perfect property or finding the right buyer drives me and I’m passionate about helping others find their dream farm.

Living and owning ground in southern Iowa has allowed me to harvest some incredible whitetail.  I don’t take lightly what God has given us here in Iowa and I’ve spent the last 20 years learning what makes up a great whitetail farm.  If you’re wanting to sell a property or looking to find a property that has the potential to produce world-class whitetails, I’d love to work with you.

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