Deep in the hardwood hills of the Midwest, a lack of access to quality hunting and farmland was all too common. For our founders, that frustration sparked the drive that would eventually become KILOTERRA.
It took several years of hard work to bring KILOTERRA into existence. The company started as a means to gain access to better land and help others who faced a similar challenge. It has since evolved into much more.


Today, KILOTERRA is a Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Land Sales and Auctions in the Farmland and Recreational Property sectors. We now serve Iowa and Missouri, with plans to expand across the entire Midwest in the coming years.

Our team is made up of farmers and outdoorsmen who understand the strong bond formed with one’s land, and their passion reflects that in every interaction. They each have unique skills and experiences which allow them to facilitate complicated transactions for their clients.

“Our company survives on the client relationships we build through honesty, hard work, and by providing the attention and superior service required when dealing with a transaction of such magnitude.”

By consistently reinvesting back into our company and our team, we firmly believe that we offer the absolute best Land Sales and Auction Services available to our clients.


Ready to sell your farm quick and ensure you get fair market value on the day of sale? An Auction is a great option. You set the date, and we’ll handle all the details from marketing all the way through closing.

Private Auctions
Want to sell now, but reserved about having the entire community in the middle of such a personal matter? No problem. We offer a Private Auction, where we’ll take sealed bids up to your desired date. Afterward, we only invite the highest bidders in behind closed doors to hold the final auction. You set the terms, we handle the rest.

Traditional land listings are very common for recreational tracts and properties with a home. This is typically a slightly longer process, which allows the seller to negotiate with each interested party on more of a one on one situation. If you have flexibility in the final details of the sale, this might be the right option for you.

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