Colin Ortmeier

Land Specialist

About Colin Ortmeier

My passion for the outdoors started at a very young age. I was born and raised in Nebraska where my family was active on a farm and in the outdoors. I remember wanting to spend every moment I could out on the pond catching fish, learning more about wildlife, and spending time in the woods hunting with my Dad. 

I continued my passion for the outdoors in college where I studied Agronomy and Agribusiness. I worked for a local Co-op in town, scouting crops, helping out in the fields, and monitoring soil health. After graduating with my degree in Agronomy, I found an interest in photography and videography. 

I had the opportunity to expand my photography career in Iowa and slowly developed into photographing my passion for the outdoors. I was fortunate to join KILOTERRA in 2020 and continue to grow my career. My photography allows me to provide marketing structure, social media content, and capture property images for agents.

As of 2023, I am now a licensed land specialist and I’m excited to add this new role with KILOTERRA sharing my passion for land with clients. I am confident that with both my marketing strategies and land knowledge, I can help you in your next land transaction!

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