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BEYOND THE DIRT | 06.20.2022

Once you’ve decided to sell your land, there are a host of decisions to make.  Assuming you have elected a Land Auction as the method of sale, one critical step in the process is choosing a Land Auction Company you will work with. At KILOTERRA, we believe in our team and our marketing capabilities that make our land auctions different.

There is certainly no shortage in the number of companies available, but it is worth noting that not all firms operate the same.  These nuances can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your sale and even the amount you walk away with. Here are some considerations when selecting the firm to hold your Land Auction.


No Up-Front Advertising Expenses.

Some companies charge the seller’s an up-front advertising expense for their Land Auctions. We work closely with our clients to inform them of the market conditions, recommend the terms that will yield them the highest results, and when aligned, we offer our auction services with ZERO up-front costs.

FarmLand Auctions in Iowa

Incentivizing Other Real Estate Companies (splitting commissions)

Most Auction companies do not offer any commission splits.  This may seem like a trivial point to most landowners, but we can assure you that it is not and here is why.  

There are a percentage of potential buyers for your land that have already established connections with other firms.  These buyers rely on these firms to help them locate prospective properties to purchase.  If your Auction company does not offer a commission split to these other firms, then those firms have no incentive to inform their clients about the sale.  It is unfortunate, but it is true.  And, at the end of the day, your land may end up bringing less than it could have if there were even just one more interested potential buyer.  

At KILOTERRA, we work for you, and we put your goals first.  We want to ensure every potential buyer is aware of your auction.  That is why we offer to split our commissions on all our Land Auctions. 


Dedicated Team

When you hire most Auction companies, you are hiring a single agent.  And, in most cases, that agent is responsible for the entire transaction, end-to-end.  This is no small task, and it can be overwhelming.  Combine this with the fact that most successful agents are frequently juggling multiple property sales at once, and your experience as a landowner can quickly degrade.

KILOTERRA recognizes this challenge, and that is why our company operates more as a team rather than relying on one single agent.  As a landowner, you can expect to have a single point of contact, but you can also trust that behind that agent is a team of other Land Specialists that are ready to support as needed, a full-time digital marketer, a graphic designer, web developer, office administrator, and broker all ensuring the sale is handled with the utmost in professionalism to provide you the best experience possible.



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