Christopher Janis

Land Specialist

About Christopher Janis

Chris was originally born and raised in South Florida.  He is an avid outdoorsman who grew up with a love of fishing and hunting, and brings a very unique skill set to the real estate business.

Prior to transitioning into his dream career as a Land Specialist with KILOTERRA, Chris served our Nation honorably in the US Army.  Chris was an Infantrymen who developed a myriad of skills from his roles as a Paratrooper and a Mountain man.  During his time, he served five tours between Afghanistan and Iraq. The love for interacting and training with his different team members in a multitude of environments has developed agility, adaptability, discipline, and a work ethic intertwined with a strong value system. 

Chris’ service took him and his family across the country to Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, and upstate New York prior to finally landing here in Iowa.  Living in many different places gave Chris the opportunity to learn about all types and facets of land.  After 20 Years of dedicated service, Chris retired from the military, and now lives in the Iowa City area with his wife of 18 years, Deann, and their three children Christian, Campbell, and Alivia, as well as their dogs Copper and Mojo. 

His passion is still very strong for the outdoors, as he loves hunting whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl, and pheasant at every opportunity. He recently achieved the National Deer Association’s Deer Steward I & II.  These courses provide an in-depth curriculum focused on identifying and improving habitat for whitetail deer.  Chris’ recreational land clients will surely benefit from this knowledge.

Chris has also earned his bachelor’s degree with a focus in Business from Liberty University, which gives him the skills to take a critical look at business opportunities, such as assessing land values for his investor and farmer clients.

Chris serves the East and South Eastern Iowa Regions of Iowa, and his goal is to ensure the best possible experience in your land sale or purchase. The many skills developed during his time in the military as well as the education gained from secondary education are a significant benefit to his clients.  You can rest assured that no matter what type of property or the aspects unique to your transaction, Chris will bring his love for land and his expertise to go beyond your expectations. 

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