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Decatur / Wayne 294

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This 294+/- acre farm w/ equipment shed and living quarters is located in one of the most sought after areas for serious deer hunters.  This property sits directly on the Wayne County, Decatur County Iowa Line, and falls in the famed Woodland Township of Decatur County.  With several 200″ deer harvested in this area, similar farms (within 2-3 miles) have been for sale at $4,500 – $5,500/acre.  This section of land is well known for the giant deer that are harvested here year after year, which is attributed to the huge blocks of land owners who practice intense whitetail management and extensive heard nutrition (food plots, TSI, standing crops). The neighboring landowners to this farm regularly pass younger deer, regardless of their size (170″ even), to allow them to reach the desired 5+ yrs old age class.   If you’re a serious hunter, looking for the real possibility at harvesting Boone and Crockett Whitetails every year, or possibly a business owner looking for a place to entertain your clients, you need to look at this farm.

From an aerial, you can see this farm has the majority of the cover in the center, surrounded by crops (130+/- acres cash rented at $150/acre for 2018 – no till corn) and hay ground (share cropped 50/50), which generate around $21,000 of annual income.  This “island” effect of having the timber in the center is the ideal setup.  It keeps the deer isolated from any activity around the borders, and creates better hunting due to the more predictable bedding locations. This farm is also a major travel hub for the surrounding properties, and connects multiple large tracts of highly manged hunting land together from all directions.  Multiple 170″ – 180″ deer have been seen all through the year on this farm, but during the rut several giant B&C caliber bucks cruise through regularly.  During the 2017 archery Season, a 186″ B&C buck was harvested on this farm, and a couple other large deer were seen, but not connected with.  Hunting effectively without disturbing the deer heard,  is always the number one challenge for most hunters.  However, with the sheer number of fingers, ditches, ridge points, and edge structure on this farm, there is a seemingly endless number of stand site opportunities.  Combine that with the phenomenal access on this farm, and you’ll always be able to find a stand to hunt with a smooth entry route, regardless of the wind direction.  No more sitting on the couch waiting for the wind to switch.  The owner will plant food plots in strategic locations, but the farm already has a tremendous amount of native under story browse, grasses and clover in the hay, as well as standing crops.  There is no shortage of food on this property.  A large drainage ditch, further helps to funnel deer past ideal stand locations, and provides one source of water during the early summer months.  3 Ponds (1 stocked) are also on the property when the ditch does run dry, so water is no concern.  As an added bonus, there are several large walnut trees on the farm, that will increase in value with age as well.

When evaluating a farm for purchase, there are several criteria to consider.  Whether it is the location, layout, habitat, hunt-ability, QDM, access, etc. this farm scores very high in all regards.

This farm has a rustic finished building with a garage, 2 kitchen areas, 2 bathrooms, and plenty of room for all your buddies or clients.  Once a working cattle ranch, there are miles of very well maintained fencing, and several large storage buildings for your equipment too.

  • 294+/- Gross Acres
  • $3,800/ acre (Comparable farms over $4,500/acres)
  • Woodland Township, Decatur County, Iowa
  • Premier Whitetail Hunting Management Area
  • 186″ Archery buck harvested last year
  • Great neighborhood, with fingers connecting to large blocks of intensely managed farms.
  • Numerous funneling features (ditches, points, saddles, inside corners, etc) for a multitude of stand sites
  • The best access you could have
  • Secluded Food plot locations
  • 130+/- Acres Cash Rented @ $150/ acre
  • Remaining field acres in Hay with a 50/50 crop share
  • 2017 farm income was ~$21,000

If you’ve been looking for a top notch hunting farm in South Central, Iowa, this could be the one you’re after.  Please contact Chuck Johnson to schedule a tour of this property. Call (515)-442-7709 or email  To minimize human traffic on the property, a letter of credit will be requested when setting up a tour of the property.





Property Documents


  • Property ID: DC294
  • Price: SOLD $1,117,200
  • Property Size: 294 Acres
  • Property Type: Hunting Land
  • Property Status: Sold
  • Address: 33777 275th St, Lineville, IA 50147, USA
  • County: Decatur County
  • Zip Code: 50147